Water Drop Stainless Steel Spin Top Satin

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These beautiful solid metal "water drop" spin tops are precision made from machined stainless steel with a perfect finish. The top is in two parts: the spin top itself and the base. The base has two sides, the cup and the stand. The spin top is designed to perfectly fit into the cup-side of the base, to make an attractive desk ornament when not in use. When upturned, the cup side of the base serves as a platform upon which the spin top can be spun: the cup has a slightly concave surface to keep the spin top within the area of the base, and the smooth surface helps the spin top spin longer. The bottom of the spin top has a carbide tip for optimal performance.  The water drop is an attractive executive desk top fidget toy, and makes a great gift for gadget fans. When spun with your fingers they will spin on their tip for minutes. Sold with a presentation tin and soft bag. 

Note from Pete, Skilltoyz: I managed to achieve a spin time of over 3 minutes on the first attempt!


Material: stainless steel
Finish: sand-blasted "satin" 
Base size: 45mm x 10mm
Base weight: 78g
Spin Top size: 40mm x 28mm
Spin Top weight: 30g


Not suitable for children under 14.

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