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WhipLash Spin Top String Orange

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WhipLash Spin Top String. Price is for one spin top string. Tyler Young (Czyoyo) who makes each string by hand and ensures that each one is perfect. The price reflects the time taken by Tyler to produce each string.

WhipLash Spin Top Strings will last for months or even years. When they get dirty just wash them with your clothes and they will be as good as new.

The strings are all more than 170 cm which is plenty long for even larger spintops (like the Strummol8 Giulia). Most users (depending on the top) will need to cut the string to the appropriate length. The string thickness is average for spintop string and fits the strummol8 tips perfectly.
Cotton is the best material for spin top strings.

Length: 170cm approx
Material: 100% Cotton
Made in Czech Republic
Comes with a Whiplash sticker.