Stephane Marguerite Boomerang

Stephane Marguerite Boomerang

The Stephane Marguerite boomerang is a traditional 2 bladed sports boomerang made by by LMI and Fox of France. This is a long distance boomerang in the shape of Napoleon's hat. For right-handed players only. Its flight is very long and elliptic. Good with wind. Good return. Boomerang for distance and precision. The ABS and float model suits beginners who want more of a challenge. 

ABS - a rigid plastic suitable for beginners.

Float - a more flexible plastic that floats in water (good for the beach) suitable for beginners.

Carbon - a carbon fibre material that is heavier with a longer range. For experienced throwers. 

Malibu - this is a carbon fibre material that is nicely decorated. For experienced throwers.