Blue Star Rangs

Blue Star Rangs are made by Volker Behrens, former European Champion and ex-Guinness World Record Holder. Blue Star Rangs make the best possible boomerangs for every level of thrower:  the beginner: light, safe, forgiving and accurate boomerangs to get you started easily; the advanced thrower: composite models for all kinds of range and wind conditions: unmatched accuracy and fun! - the competitor: advanced technical materials and designs to give you the edge in competition 

Paxolin- or phenolioc resin- is the material Herb Smith first introduced to boomeranging as far back as 1986. Specific weight and density seemed superior to plywood at the time, toughness being an extra benefit. Pax is material of choice for winds and for longer range boopmeranngs. It is not too expensive, easy to flex-tune. Downside is that it tends to get brittle in low temperatures- so when you throw or tune a pax boomerang in Winter be very careful!

G 12 epoxy laminate is an epoxy composite based on fiber glass. It is appr. 30% heavier than paxolin, a lot more expensive, hard on tools. The upside being that is is virtually unbreakable, hard to beat in wind- and never to pass in long distance. Being thinner at the same size they cut through wind better, spin much better (so your throw gets a lot easier), go further (due to less lift)- BUT: they generally need more wind for a complete return.

Advantages: G 12 variations have 25-50% more range than Paxolin versions of the same model, they are easier to get to spin, they fight the wind better and they are almost unbreakable. Disadvantages: G 12 models need more wind for a full return, the throwing window (tolerance) is smaller than for Paxolin, and they are more expensive.

Please note that every Blue Star Rang is handmade and every one is a little bit different. Colours will vary. IMPORTANT All boomerangs must be used with extreme caution in order not to cause damage to people or objects. The Paxolin and G12 boomerangs are thinner and heavier than plywood boomerangs, so they will fly further and spin faster than normal plywood boomerangs. They also have much sharper edges, so the potential for damage can be significantly higher than with any normal wooden boomerang! You must use extreme caution to avoid causing damage to people or objects!  We accept no responsibility for any injury or damage occurring.

RH = Right Handed
LH = Left Handed

Please note that every Blue Star Rang is handmade and every one is a little bit different. Colours will vary.

Very sadly, Volker Behrens, the maker of Blue Star Rangs died in 2012. There will be no more Blue Star Rangs.

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