Dif-e-yo Yo-Yos

A Dif-e-Yo Yo-Yo is a Custom hand Crafted product that is not produced solely with machines. They are designed and manufactured through a combination of machining and hand work. A large percentage of hand work is involved after the machining process which includes everything from polishing to assembly and testing each yoyo individually.

Dif-e-Yo Yo-Yo's are 2 1/8" in Diameter except for the Zzzip-Fly which is 1 7/8" in diameter. All have Dif-Pad Response, 1/4 in. Stainless Steel Threaded Axle
and a Dif-e-Yo KonKave Bearing "Utility Patent Pending" # 10/766495 or Grooved Bearing.

Dif-e-Yo Player Models are Designed with Simplicity in mind and though they look similar, each model has a specifically designed width and weight distribution
giving each model it's own Unique playing characteristics. You're sure to find one that fits your playing style.

Dif-e-Yo strives to offer Unique looking Yo-Yo's but... All Dif-e-yo's are Designed first and foremost for Performance and Durability starting with a Heavy Duty 1/4" Diameter Stainless Axle and the Dif-e-Yo KonKave bearing!