LEFT Handed Boomerangs

It is quite hard to find boomerangs made for left handed throwers. We will put all the left handed boomerang models that we have in stock here to help our left handed customers find them. 

Given that one in ten of the population are left handed, about one tenth of our sales should be of left handed models. However, in the past we have sold a much smaller proportion than this. Consequently, we do not stock as wide a range or quantity of lefties as we would like. 

For those that did not know, a left handed person will usually* need to throw a left handed boomerang, simply because they will be throwing it with their left arm and the resulting rotation of the boomerang will be the opposite (clockwise) compared to a right handed model.  So a left handed model design is the same as the right handed version, except that the aerofoils (the cross-sectional shape of a wing) are 'reversed' to provide lift when thrown with the left hand rather than the right. On non-symmetrical boomerangs, the shape is also normally (though not always) a mirror image of the right handed model. 

* A few boomerangs are ambidextrous, and can be used by either left or right handed players. These are quite rare.