Highland Fling Boomerangs

Highland Fling Boomerangs

Highland Fling Boomerangs are individually hand made by Richard Ogilvy, the former owner of Davro Boomerangs. The first boomerangs to be made by Richard as Highland Fling Boomerangs are the "Herb Smith’s Range". These are replicas of some of the boomerangs made by the late Herb Smith (former World Record holder for the longest returning throw 1972).

The 5 boomerangs are (with Herb Smiths original comments):

Distance Model “A well worn replica of my original Distance Model with which I made a witnessed throw of 108 & 115 yards”

Viscount Ranger “This boom has been thrown over 85 yards. One of my Medium Distance models”

Tigarang “This model has reached 110 yards thrown against a breeze of 5 mph”

The Blue Tip (aka "Pheasant “) A good 100 yarder! breeze 8 mph”

Star “Good for 90 yards breeze 5-6mph”

Hand crafted in Scotland, UK.