Yo-Yo Oil and Lubrication

Yo-Yo Oil and Lubrication

We sell yoyo oil and lube (lubrication) for all makes and models of yoyos. Yoyo oil is used on the yo-yo bearing to improve the performance of your yoyo, to modify the responsiveness of your yoyo and to extend the lifetime of the yoyo bearing.

There are generally two types of yoyo oil: thick oil is intended for responsive yoyos and will slow the yoyo bearing down. Conversely, thin yoyo oil is designed to offer the least resistance and help the yoyo spin longer and faster. So thin oil is the one to get if you want longer sleep times.

Alternatives to buying yoyo oil do exist: it is possible to use very thin oil such as sewing machine oil, or the fine oil used to lubricate watches, model cars and trains etc.

It is not recommended to run a yoyo bearing ‘dry’ (unlubricated). This is because the bearing will wear out too quickly.

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