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Hamstring YoYo Strings

Hamstring is a small company based in the UK which is quite fanatical about yoyo string. They love making it and continually strive to make better yoyo string. Each Hamstring string is lovingly handmade with premium materials. Hamstring hope to surpass your expectations with our high-quality, long & strong yoyo strings. They are dedicated to providing yoyo players with a smooth and enjoyable throwing experience. Hand Made in England

Type 12 or type 10?
Type 12 yo-yo strings are thicker than type 10 strings because they contain an extra strand that is then doubled over. Usually type 12 is the preferred choice for a wide gap yo-yo. However, some people prefer a very thinner string for multiple string-layer tricks. The more noticeable difference between the two is that a type 12 is slightly denser allowing it to hold loops more easily and it has a slightly firmer feel. The nearest equivalent to a Hamstring type 10 is a standard type 6 after it is worn in.