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LMI and Fox Boomerangs

LMI and Fox Boomerangs

LMI and Fox Boomerangs. Made in France. 

ABS - The boomerangs injected in ABS are by nature rigid. A type of polymer. Perfectly stable and they do not become deformed.

Float or Flotteur - this is a Polypropylene material with a lower density so that it floats in water. The polypropylene Float boomerangs are ideal for the beginners, being light, flexible and tuneable. You can modify the flight by gentle bending of the wings (tuning).

Carbon - the LMI carbon fiber boomerangs have a good solidity and weight. The flight is longer. They are used in moderate winds, best in constant wind conditions. Recommended for advanced throwers.

Malibu - like the carbon, these are Boomerangs are manufactured out of polypropylene mixed with a strong percentage of carbon fibres and are then very nicely decorated.

Graphite is a composite (polypro + glass fibres) material of great quality. It has great solidity and rigidity for strong winds. Needs a good throw to launch for a good long distance.