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Kendama String and Beads

Spare strings and beads for your Kendama, in a variety of colours, lengths and thickness. We stock replacement kendama strings from most of the manufacturers including Ozora and TK16. It is worth remembering that any standard sized kendama string can be used with any standard sized kendama. However, some strings are better quality than others and the best kendama strings (such as the Ozora strings) have stiffer ends to aid threading.

Standard sized kendama strings are approximately 50cm long. Each string is usually fitted with a knot at one end with a small red bead threaded on it. The end of the string with the bead on it goes in the wooden Kendama ball. The knot and bead stop the string from coming out of the Kendama ball.

Kendama strings do wear out and will need replacing.

Tip: before replacing a string, have a look at how the existing string is fitted!