Spintastics Yo-Yos

Spintastics yo-yos are highly regarded by players and have a fantastic pedigree: Dale Oliver, President and co-founder of Spintastics Skill Toys was the 1992 World Yo-Yo Champion and one of only four holders of the National Masterヤ title. He plays a crucial role in the design of Spintastics Yo-yos.

* All U.S. made Spintastics yo-yos are made from virgin polycarbonate plastic, the same plastic used in bank teller's bullet proof shields, i.e. these yo-yos will not break.

* All Spintastics yo-yos are take-apart style, for string knot removal and bearing maintenance.

* All Spintastics yo-yos are rim-weighted, making them some of the longest spinning plastic yo-yos on the market.