YoYo Axles

YoYo Axles

Spare and replacement Yo-yo axles for Magic Yoyos, Yoyofactory yoyos, Yoyojam yoyos, Yoymega yoyos and many more. These come in a variety of types, sizes and have varying threads.

For metal threaded yo-yo axles the axle size is measured by the axle length, diameter and the thread size. It is important to get the correct axle for your yoyo. Do not try to fit an axle with the wrong thread size to a yoyo; it will ruin the thread on your yoyo.

If you cannot see the axle you require here, then we probably cannot get them in stock. Unfortunately there are no common or standard yoyo axle sizes. Different manufacturers use different axles, and often they will use different axle sizes for their different yoyo models. The axle used may even vary over time as the manufacturer revises the yoyo design. For example, YoyoJam use at least 6 different axles for their yoyos.

Sometimes axles from another manufacturer will fit another brand of yoyo, but this should only be attempted if you know it is compatible. One problem we have is that it is often very hard to find out what actual size a yoyo axle is: manufacturers can be quite secretive about the precise dimensions of their yoyo axles.

The yoyo axle is generally the weakest part of a yoyo. The best advise we can give you is never undo your yoyo unless absolutely necessary. Take great care not to lose any parts. Take care when reassembling your yoyo, do not over tighten a yoyo or it may strip the axle thread. Do not put a yoyo in your pocket or sit on a yoyo.

If you have purchased your yoyo from us we will be happy to try to help you. If you have purchased a yoyo elsewhere, we cannot safely advise you on the axle size you need because the axles used even on the same yoyo model may vary over time. In this situation, we recommend that you contact the seller and ask if they can sell you a replacement axle or if they can tell you the axle size and thread.