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Vivace Stainless Steel Flat YoYo Bearing with Nylon Cage Size C R188

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Vivace is Italian for "lively" and "vivid". It is pronounced vee-VAH-chay. Vivace bearings are fast, high performance stainless steel bearings which will bring your yo-yo to life!

Note from Pete: I have spent a long time sourcing these high specification yo-yo bearings. By buying these in bulk directly from the manufacturer I am able to price these very competitively. I believe these Vivace stainless steel and hybrid ceramic bearings offer you the very best value and quality.
Brand: Vivace
Size C R188
Material of inner and outer ring: Stainless steel S440C
Material of rolling ball: Stainless steel S440C
Material of cage: Nylon PA66
Material of shields: Stainless steel S304
Profile: Flat
Lubricant: DRY
Grade: ABEC 5
SIZE: 'C' .250 x .500 x .187 inches (inside x outside x width)
Fits: Many YoYoJam and YoYoFactory yo-yos. This is the same size as the YoYoJam large Speed Bearing, the YoYoFactory Large Center Trac Bearing, and the Dif-e-Yo Dif-e-Yo KK Bearing.

Notes: The higher the ABEC number, the more precisely the bearing is manufactured. An ABEC 5 bearing will spin faster (and more quietly) than an ABEC 1 bearing. These bearings are shipped dry (no oil or grease). You should lube these before use. We recommend using YoYoJam thin oil.

The nylon PA66 cage has been specially developed to give a better performance with a lower noise and improved spinning time. The nylon material, made by Dupont Company, has less friction than stainless steel cages. The nylon cage's weight is also much lighter, the precision is higher and the lower friction when spinning at high speeds results in longer yo-yo spin times.

Don't be fooled by the low prices - these are top quality yo-yo bearings!