Jinhao Ink Cartridge Sizes

Posted by Pete on 28th Dec 2023

Most Jinhao fountain pens can use an international sized ink cartridge with a bore size of 2.60mm. This is the only size of Jinhao ink cartridges we presently sell. However, I learned today … read more

Should I varnish my boomerang?

Posted by Pete on 11th Jul 2023

A customer just asked if they could or should varnish or oil their new raw wood Wycheproof boomerang. The raw wood Wycheproof boomerangs are completely untreated. This was my reply (it … read more

Jinhao Fountain Pen Nib Sizes

Posted by Pete on 5th Apr 2023

A very quick post to try to answer a query I had from a customer. Are the nibs on Jinhao fountain pens #5 or #6? Actually, the #5 or #6 refers to the diameter of the feed. The nib type (Fine, Medium, … read more

Yinhe Jupiter 2 Table Tennis Rubbers Discontinued

Posted by Pete on 12th Mar 2023

Quick update - Yinhe confirmed to me today that they have stopped making the Jupiter II table tennis rubbers. They have no plans to produce any more. The replacement/successor is the new Jupiter 3 rub … read more