Jinhao Fountain Pen Nib Sizes

Posted by Pete on 5th Apr 2023

A very quick post to try to answer a query I had from a customer. Are the nibs on Jinhao fountain pens #5 or #6? Actually, the #5 or #6 refers to the diameter of the feed. The nib type (Fine, Medium, … read more

Yinhe Jupiter 2 Table Tennis Rubbers Discontinued

Posted by Pete on 12th Mar 2023

Quick update - Yinhe confirmed to me today that they have stopped making the Jupiter II table tennis rubbers. They have no plans to produce any more. The replacement/successor is the new Jupiter 3 rub … read more

New Knuckle Chuck Finger Bone Fidget Gadgets

Posted by Pete on 9th Dec 2022

We have received new versions of our popular knuckle chuck fidget toys. We have a restock of the brass and steel knuckle bones plus new models made from aluminium and POM (also known as delrin). These … read more

Table Tennis Sponge Thickness Questions

Posted by Pete on 23rd Oct 2022

Hi everyone,I am sometimes asked "can you get the X table tennis rubber with X sponge thickness?". Or "Why don't you offer a choice of sponge thickness for the Yinhe/Palio/DHS/Friendship/Sanwei Table … read more
Increased Table Tennis Product Prices 2022

Increased Table Tennis Product Prices 2022

Posted by Pete on 12th Sep 2022

Unfortunately the wholesale costs of most table tennis equipment has increased greatly over the past two years. This inflation is due to manufacturers increased prices, unfavourable exchange rates&nbs … read more