Metal Finger Fidget Spinner with One Brass Cog - Black

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Single cog metal finger spinner for adults with a black finish and solid brass gear. The smallest finger spinner we sell, this diminutive little gadget is surprisingly fun to play with and has a nice tactile feel. Can be fidgeted with single-handed. Very small, almost silent and discreet. The single brass cog rotates on a good quality steel bearing set on an axle joining the two metal finger pads. Sold with a soft bag. Not suitable for children.  Watch our short YouTube video below!

This is a beautifully engineered and unusual item that will appeal to the naturally fidgety and curious. Makes an excellent unusual gift. 

Weight: 11g (approx.)
Size: 22mm x 13mm (approx.)
Material: solid brass
Not suitable for children under 16. Small parts. Choke hazard. 
Note: the round finger pads are threaded through the central cogwheel and are removable. The R188 steel bearing is set in the brass cog. Sold fully assembled, please ensure all parts are kept tight during use. The individual parts are small and easily lost. Store in its bag - dust and dirt will diminish performance.
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