Kovarna Mostek Hand Made Steel Puzzle - Magic Lamp

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The "Magic Lamp" large hand made forged metal puzzle from Kovárna Mostek in the Czech Republic. This is a large and heavy puzzle, made from many individually forged steel pieces which makes a most unusual and interesting gift and will appeal to puzzle collectors. We are pleased to be the first to offer this artisan-made brain teaser puzzle for sale in the UK.

The goal: to pull out the hanging circle at the bottom of the puzzle and then return it back.

Difficulty: A very difficult puzzle

MAGIC LAMP looks very nice as a wall decoration. This puzzle ranks among the hardest puzzles made by Kovárna Mostek.  We recommend it for experienced puzzle crackers.

The puzzle is packed in a jute bag with accompanying instructions. Try to resist the temptation to use the instructions to solve the puzzle! The instructions are there for anyone who manages to solve the puzzle, but cannot return it to its original state. It is also proof that it really works. 

Dimensions when suspended:

  • Height: 28 cm
  • Width: 11 cm
  • Weight: 440g (approx.)

Not suitable for children under 14.

All Kovarna Mostek products are finished with a light coating of natural beeswax to help protect the metal. 

Keep the puzzle dry. In a humid environment, the puzzle could start to rust over time. You can help protect the puzzle against rust by treating the puzzle with a silicone oil spray or wax after solving it.

All these puzzles have the same goal: pull out a certain part of the puzzle (circle, heart, oblong oval) and then put it back. With each puzzle, only one thing is pulled out and no brute force is required. 

The story behind Kovárna Mostek

Kovárna Mostek are a family-run business who have been making exceptional metal puzzles at their home in the Czech Republic for over 20 years. Their artisan-made puzzles are the result of skilled workmanship, and it shows. All are really beautifully made and interesting to look at - real conversation pieces.