Kovarna Mostek Hand Made Set of 6 Steel Dice

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A set of six individually made steel dice from Kovárna Mostek in the Czech Republic. Each die is hand made from solid steel, and each pip is hand-punched. These take a lot of time to make and this is reflected in the price. Sold in a hemp (jute) bag. 

A most unusual and interesting gift!  We are pleased to be the first to offer this artisan-made die set for sale in the UK.

Not suitable for children under 14.

All Kovarna Mostek products are finished with a light coating of natural beeswax to help protect the metal. 

Keep the dice dry. In a humid environment, the dice could start to rust over time. Moisture inthe skin may also cause rust over time. You can help protect the dice against rust by treating them with a silicone spray or wax.


The story behind Kovárna Mostek

Kovárna Mostek are a family-run business who have been making exceptional metal puzzles at their home in the Czech Republic for over 20 years. Their artisan-made puzzles are the result of skilled workmanship, and it shows. All are really beautifully made and interesting to look at - real conversation pieces.  

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