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Euro-Yo Stellar Yo-Yo Blue with gold splash

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Skill level:
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Minimum Age:
14+ years

ew! The Blue with gold splash Stellar yoyo from Euro-Yo is a competition quality all metal yo-yo made for advanced unresponsive play. Featuring a gorgeous two-colour splash anodized finish, the Stellar is precision made from high grade anodized aluminium. The Stellar is fitted with a top quality stainless steel 10 ball unshielded concave bearing for long spin times, and is unresponsive in use, requiring a bind to play. It has recessed silicone response pads which provide a nice consistent bind, and replacement silicone pads are on sale in our store should they need replacing. The Stellar is sold complete with three yoyo strings and really does play as well as it looks. In common with all our Euro-Yo brand yoyos, the Stellar is well balanced with plenty of rim weight to help achieve longer spin times. A very nice, stable yoyo exhibiting little or no noticeable vibe or wobble when thrown.

Compared to our Comet yoyo, the Stellar is slightly smaller and lighter with a flatter inner profile, and a slightly different rim design. This yoyo is unresponsive and binding skills are required to get it to return to the hand. It is suitable for intermediate and advanced level players. A beautiful yoyo that is exclusive to euro-yo!

Every one of these Stellar yoyos has a unique appearance. The splash anodise finish is random: each yoyo will have different amounts of the splash colour, so no two splash yoyos look alike.

Make: Euro-Yo
Model: Stellar
Body Shape: Butterfly
Material: Aircraft grade Aluminium Alloy
Weight: 72g
Diameter: 55mm
Width: 44.5mm
Gap width: 4.6mm (approx)
Bearing: Size C stainless steel 10-ball concave unshielded bearing. A top quality bearing that should not need upgrading!
Response: Recessed Euro-Yo silicone O-ring pads outer diameter 19mm, inner diameter 14mm, approx 1mm thick. These are the same size as Yoyofactory Large K-Pads (Size: 14-19) and Magic YoYo Silicone Pads. Could be siliconed with flowable silicone.
Finish: Two colour splash anodised and laser engraved.
Suitable for: 1A/3A/5A
Skill level: intermediate to advanced – binding skills required.
Other: Sold in a simple white box with three yo-yo strings.
Age: 14 years +.

These are advanced unresponsive yo-yos. Binding skills are required. Not for sale to children under 14 years old.

Please note the weights and dimensions given in the specifications above are all based on our own measurements taken using accurate scales and engineers callipers.

About the Euro-yo brand yo-yo range

After ten years experience selling yoyos made by the Worlds leading makers, we are very proud to introduce our own brand of high quality yoyos at affordable prices. Our yoyos have been made for us by a major manufacturer who makes professional quality yoyos for some of the Worlds leading yoyo brands. They are precision made to a very high standard with good quality control: we are delighted to be able to make these available and hope you will be as pleased with them as we are!