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Barking Spider Entertainment Large thin Gummies - Pair

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Pack of 2 LARGE Thin Gummies made by Kyle Maxwell of Barking Spider Entertainment, USA.

Name: LARGE thin Gummies
Thickness: 0.38mm approx
Outer diameter: 7/8" (inch)
Inner diameter: 9/16" (inch)
Material: tan gum rubber
In play: these pads break in quickly and are long lasting

ID: 9/16" (inch) OD: 7/8" (inch)

The large Gummy pads have been tested on several size C bearing yo-yo's and they fit perfectly.

Kyle wanted to make affordable, high quality response pads, which play like a dream. He has succeeded. This new response pad by Barking Spider will blow your mind!

These are a new thinner version of Gummies response pads. They are half the thickness of the original THICK version which allow you to put one in a completely unrecessed yoyo and have it play unresponsive without modification. Add it to any depth recess and your yoyo will be a beast. These do take a small amount of breaking in but they just keep playing better and better the longer you use them.