.555 Dif-Pads .015 Thin for G5

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Price is for ONE pad. Thin .555 Dif-pads.

Thin 0.555 Dif-Pad dimensions:
Thickness 0.015 inch (equivalent to 0.381 mm)
Inner Diameter (ID) Size: 0.555 inches (equivalent to about 14.1mm) approx
Outer Diameter (OD) Size: 0.880 inches (equivalent to about 22.5mm) approx

0.555" ID 0.880" OD (14mm ID 22.5mm OD) approx.

Looking for Smooth play with less response and a response system that lasts?

Original .015 Thin Dif-Pads. Large sized for large bearings.

They play like half worn friction stickers right from the start and stay that way. Will fit any yoyo that uses Friction stickers. Don't know how long they last because the one's in use have not worn out yet after weeks of testing. After extended play the Dif-Pads will seem like they have no response at all and what you will find is the pads are ok and that it's the string that needs to be replaced to get some response again.
"Response varies in different yoyo's."
When comparing the use of Dif-Pads in different brand yoyos the Sportster, Wide Load and Wide Sport are the least responsive as compared to the response you will get for example from a Duncan Free Hand..
In a Dif-e-Yo .. 2 Dif-Pads are recommended and Lube helps if you want more.

Yoyo's with more inner wall area offer "more" response with the Dif-Pads but are still extremely Smooth and have not shown any signs of wear yet either. You might only need one Dif-Pad in these yoyo's to get the response you like.

Experience the Dif-ference.

0.015 inch equivalent to: 0.38100 millimetre

Price is for ONE pad.