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Aoda Speed Wind Yo-Yo

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Skill level:
YoYo Shape:
Minimum Age:
12+ years

The Aoda Speed Wind is a budget aluminium metal yo-yo featuring an anodised finish, laser engraving and an Aoda concave style bearing. Supplied with one spare yoyo string and two spare pads. It represents good value for money and plays surprisingly well. Note these are budget yo-yos and there may be very minor imperfections in the finish that will not affect play.

Colour: Blue
Weight : 65.5g
Width : 38.8mm approx
Diameter : 54.5mm
Gap: 4.6mm approx
Bearing Size : Large Aoda Size C Concave Bearing.
Response: silicone O-Ring. Push-fit. Could be siliconed.

Notice to Customers in the USA: this yoyo is fitted with a Aoda Concave bearing. Because the Dif-e-yo have a Patent on the Concave bearing shape in the USA I cannot sell the yo-yo fitted with this concave bearing to customers in the USA. This is because the Auldey Concave bearing would infringe this Patent. Customers in the USA may buy this yo-yo but the convave bearing will be swapped for a Vivace Size C Stainless Steel Bearing with Nylon Cage.

Note: these yo-yos are unresponsive and will require 'binding' skills to play. Not for beginners!