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Aoda Illusion Meteor Yo-Yo

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Minimum Age:
12+ years

This is an unresponsive all-metal budget yo-yo featuring gold coloured metal rims, hub stacks, all metal construction and a large concave bearing. You should not compare this type of budget yoyo to a more expensive premium yo-yo like the Yoyofactory 888 in terms of performance. But for the money and for someone on a budget, it is a very nice yo-yo and provides a good introduction to unresponsive all metal yo-yos.

Note from Pete, euro-yo: The hub stacks on these budget yo-yos do not play as well as those on more expensive yo-yos. However, they can be much improved by changing the supplied Size A hubstack bearings for better quality bearings such as the Vivace stainless steel flat bearings. Cleaning the hubstack bearings will also help improve performance. Due to the hub stacks and the weight rings, it is very important to ensure that this model yo-yo is set up correctly. Make sure the axle is centred for a good centre of gravity. Make sure the pads are flush.

Brand - Aoda
Colour - nice gold anodised finish
Weight - 70g
Diameter - 53mm
Width - 39mm
Gap: 4.5mm approx
Profile: Butterfly/Wing
Response - push-in (glue-less) silicone O-Ring pads. Deep recess could be siliconed.
Bearing - Large size C Aoda concave bearing.
Supplied fitted with Aoda hub stacks.

Notice to Customers in the USA:
Dif-e-yo have a Patent on the Concave bearing shape in the USA. Because of this, I cannot supply any Concave bearings that are not made by Dif-e-yo to customers in the USA. Customers in the USA may buy these yo-yo's, but the concave style bearing will be swapped for a correctly sized Vivace Stainless Steel Flat Bearing.

Other: supplied with a cloth drawstring yo-yo bag, 1 yoyo string and 2 spare silicone o rings (pads). Note the o rings (pads) are not sticky and are push-fit. This yo-yo could be siliconed (you could use flowable silicone).

Note: these are unresponsive and will require 'binding' skills to play. Not for beginners! Not for children under 14 years old.