.030 Thick Dif-Pads

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THICK Dif-Pad dimensions:
Thickness: 0.030 inch equivalent to: 0.762 millimetre
Inner Diameter (ID) Size: 0.525 inches (equivalent to about 13mm) approx
Outer Diameter (OD) Size: 0.900 inches (equivalent to about 23mm) approx

0.525" ID .900" OD (13mm ID 23mm OD) approx.

The .030" thick Dif-Pads are an "option" for more response for Dif-e-Yo yoyos. Original Dif-Pads are .015 thick. These new Pads are .030" thick and are for people who want more response from their Dif-e-Yo yoyos. These are offered in addition to the Original Dif-Pads and not as a replacement. Best Results so far have been from using one .015 Dif-Pad and one .030 Dif-Pad. That does not mean you wouldn't use two thick ones though as everyone has a different preference.

**These thicker .030 " thick Dif-Pads are not recommended for other yoyos** because they have shown to be too responsive in other yoyos.

Large sized for large bearings.
0.030 inch equivalent to: 0.76200 millimetre

Price is for ONE pad.

This dif-pad will fit many metal yoyos with Large Size C bearings. Check the measurements of your yoyo before ordering.