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YoYo Replacement Bearing Size C Hybrid Ceramic 10 Ball NO SHIELDS

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Price is for ONE stainless steel ceramic 10 ball bearing without shields. These are high specification yoyo bearings that will give optimal performance for your spinner. Ceramic hybrid ball bearings offer higher spin speeds with a lower noise and longer bearing life. 

Replacement R188 bearings for your yoyo. These are known as size R188 in the fidget spinner world, also called size C in the yoyo community.

If you want to replace a bearing, or want to upgrade your bearing, you need to be sure the existing bearing is the same size. You will need to check the size of your bearing before purchasing. 

These bearings are supplied without shields (the side cover that hides the bearings). Some yoyo players prefer unshielded (aka 'open' or 'deshielded') bearings, because they are easier to clean.  We do also sell this bearing with shields, see our other listing.

These bearings are SIZE: 'C' (R188) .250 x .500 x .187 inches (inside x outside x width) = 1/4 x 1/2 x 3/16"


Brand: Vivace
Size R188 (size C) Hybrid CERAMIC Flat Ball Bearing No Shields
Material of inner and outer ring: Stainless steel S440C 

Material of ball: Silicon nitride ceramic G5 Ball
Material of cage: Stainless steel 
Profile: Flat 
Lubricant: DRY 
Number of balls: 10
Grade: ABEC 5

A guide to Vivace Brand Ball Bearings

Vivace is Italian for lively and vivid. It is pronounced vee-VAH-chay. Vivace bearings are fast, high performance bearings and are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and specifications to suit your application.

All bearings are noisy – this is not a fault!

Most bearings are shipped unlubricated: we do not recommend running a bearing dry (unlubricated) as this could damage the bearing.

Hybrid ceramic bearings have stainless steel casing with ceramic balls and give the best possible performance. Ideal for those wanting the maximum spin times from their spinner.  

ABEC Rating Explained
The higher the ABEC number, the more precisely the bearing is manufactured, and the better the performance. An ABEC 5 bearing will spin faster (and more quietly) than an ABEC 1 bearing.

More balls in a bearing is a good thing, giving a higher performing bearing. We have indicated the number of balls where known. 10 balls is the maximum for this size bearing.