Wycheproof Boomerangs 12 Inch Hardwood Koala Right Handed

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Wycheproof Boomerangs koala edition 12 inch Hardwood right handed hand made returning wooden boomerang from Australia. This is a light weight boomerang with a shorter range that performs best in a light breeze and makes a great choice for beginners looking to buy an affordable but good quality returning boomerang. Each Wycheproof Boomerang is individually made and hand painted, and then flight tested. This is a genuine returning boomerang from Australia.

Hand: Right handed
Skill Level: Beginner +
Material: Hardwood Ply
Span: 12 inches (30 cm) approx
Weight: 52g (approx)
Finish: hand painted with koala motif plus a with light varnish finish.
Range: 20 metres
Wind: Calm breeze recommended.
Sold with throwing instructions.
Hand made in Australia.

Wood is a natural material: appearance will vary.

Not suitable for children under 14. Please use with care!

Boomerangs will break or get damaged during use - this is normal wear and tear. Breakages are inevitable and are not covered by any warranty, however soon after purchase this occurs. Please throw in a safe area away from obstructions. Never play with a boomerang over or near a hard surface.