Titanium Metal Begleri Kit Design #1 Silver

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Titanium Metal Begleri with a shiny Silver finish. Bead design #1.  This is a complete kit to make your own begleri. These are not finished begleri but everything you need (apart from scissors) is included. This is a begleri kit containing two titanium begleri beads plus two generous lengths of thick black cord. You use the beads and cord to make a begleri to suit your hand size and playing preferences. There is plenty of cord, allowing you to try a variety of different cord lengths. No skill required for assembly. Simply knot one end of a cord, thread the two beads onto the cord. Knot the other end of the cord at your desired length. Then cut the excess cord. Optionally you can use heat to seal the end of the cut cord to help stop it fraying. Some begleri players prefer a "tufty" cord in which case do not seal the cord end. ASSEMBLY REQUIRED (see our video below).

Titanium is a light weight metal. That means these begleri are light weight making them very comfortable to play with. Less tiring on the hand and less bruises than heavy begleri. As an added bonus, they are are quieter when dropped on the floor!

Each titanium begleri kit contains:

2 x titanium beads. Each bead weighs approx. 7g. 
2 x thick (3 to 4mm diameter) black cord. Each cord is about 60cm long.

Design 1 bead specifications:
Material: titanium
Weight per bead: 7g approx.
Bead size: 13mm x 17mm approx. 

Typical weight of a constructed 20cm begleri with two beads is 16 grams (approx). 

Not suitable for children.

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