Soldier Guitar Capo metal quick release - Silver

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The Soldier trigger design quick release metal guitar capo is a good quality well made capo and is made in a choice of colours. Beware cheaper capos that can damage your guitar or do not have sufficient strength to hold your strings down firmly. A decent capo allows guitar players to play in different keys with ease with little or no re-tuning required. Simply move it up and down the guitar neck. An essential item for any guitarist! 

The spring trigger design securely fastens the capo around the neck of your guitar. Thick rubber padding clamps on the strings and minimises any tuning problems. Rubber padding on the bottom side of the capo firmly grips the neck while also protecting your guitar from accidental damage. The tension is just sufficient to grip firmly without causing damage or allowing strings to buzz.

Multi-function trigger design guitar capo.
Quick release, easy to use.
Made from strong, durable metal.
The design ensures a good sound.
Thick rubber padding helps cushion the capo and prevent damage to the guitar.
Elegant curved design.
Quick and easy to move up and down the guitar neck.
Fits most guitars and other instruments including banjos, Ukuleles and Mandolins.
The capo is about 5cm wide, making it suitable for both electric and steel-strung acoustic guitars (as demonstrated in our photos).
A good quality steel spring ensures a long lasting firm grip on the guitar neck.
Brand: Soldier
Colour: silver

Tip: if the strings buzz, try moving the capo closer to the fret (away from the nut and towards the bridge).

Note: This capo is not ideal for guitars with a flat fretboard, such as nylon strung classical and flamenco guitars. This is because the capo has a slightly curved profile, designed to fit guitars which have a radius on the fretboard profile (a “radiused fretboard”). Most steel stringed acoustic and electric guitars are made with a small radius to the fretboard. By contrast, classical and flamenco guitars usually have a flat fretboard, and require a capo with a flat profile.