Magnetic Fidget Slider Bronze/Copper Kings #1

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The pair of kings bronze and copper magnetic fidget slider from Skilltoyz. This metal gadget is designed for finger manipulation. Small strong magnets in the two halves of the poker-style gizmo are designed to attract each other and produce a satisfying click as the halves snap together. In this design, the two halves are held together by a screw hinge in the corner. This can be adjusted to change the resistance. The two leaves of this slider are engraved.

Advice from Skilltoyz: Do not drop! The magnets may crack or dislodge if this item is dropped. If the magnets do dislodge, a drop of super glue will secure them back in place.   

Ages 16+ only. These are not suitable for children under 16. 

This fidget gadget is best explained by a video - see below!  


Material: Bronze/Copper coloured metal alloy
Weight: 72 grams
Size: 45 x 33 x 8mm
Design: Hinged

NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. Small parts including magnets - risk of accidental swallowing or choking. Strong magnets - dangerous if swallowed. Strong magnets may accidentally pinch skin. Keep away from pets.

These magnetic sliders may break if dropped. The magnets may dislodge from the item due to knocks and impact. The metal may scratch or mark during use. Small parts may be lost. This is normal wear and tear and is not covered by any warranty.. Breakages in use are not covered by any warranty.

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