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LMI and Fox Boomerangs Spin Racer 2 ABS Yellow/Blue RIGHT HANDED

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Skill Level:
Minimum Age:
12+ years

Le SPIN RACER ABS : this boomerang is ideal for the warm up, it is also the simplest boomerang for beginners. This boomerang is more rigid than the polypropylene (float) model and less heavy than the carbon model. Its behaviour with light winds is good. Yellow with blue printed details.

Short range, easy to launch and its return allows an easy catch. The central hole allows a catch with a finger.

Decoration : by serigraphy.

Skill level: Beginner
Material: ABS
Weight: 45 g
Range: 15-20 m
Span: 10 inches (255 mm)
Made in France

Boomerang colours and printed pattern may vary.

Breakages in use are NOT covered by any warranty. Boomerangs can break; it does not mean they are faulty! Once it has been thrown, if it breaks - even on the first throw - we are not able to refund you.

All the boomerangs we sell will need tuning to make them perform properly. Tuning a boomerang involves gently bending and twisting the wings to change the flight characteristics of the boomerang. Without tuning it is unlikely that your boomerang will return or fly correctly. It is best to regard a new boomerang as a ‘blank’ which will need tuning to make it fly. You will need to regularly re-tune your boomerang. Tuning the boomerang is part of the challenge and part of the fun! There are plenty of good resources on the internet about this – just Google “tuning a boomerang”.

Boomerangs can be dangerous. Do not throw near people or animals. Do not use in strong winds. Never lose sight of your boomerang when it is in flight. Do not attempt to catch a boomerang that is flying at eye-height. The use of gloves is recommended for catching especially when learning. We accept no responsibility for damage or injury caused through the use of a boomerang.  Please play with care.

Boomerangs can break or be damaged if they hit a hard surface. This includes hard ground such as dry or frozen soil. Even a small stone buried in soft ground can break a boomerang if it dives into the soil and hits it. Ideally, throw your boomerang over a soft surface such as grass or sand, away from trees, bushes, rocks or other obstructions. Ensure you have adequate space for the boomerang flight.

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