IQ Metal Puzzle Cage Silver #18

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The “Cage Silver” IQ Cast Metal Puzzle as sold by
Objective: Simply remove the spiked ball from its cage. Simple? 
Puzzle difficulty: Medium.
Weight: 160g approx.
Maximum dimension: 77mm approx.

With over 60 different puzzle designs, our IQ Puzzles have something for everyone who likes a brain teaser. These cast metal puzzles offer a fun mental challenge. Each puzzle comes apart into two or more pieces, but can you work out how? Keep your hands and mind busy with our puzzle range.

Remember – the first challenge is to undo the puzzle. The second (and sometimes harder) challenge is to reassemble the puzzle!

IQ Puzzle Features:
Low, medium and high difficulty levels.
Sold in simple plastic bag packaging – no waste.
Ideal as gifts for older children and adults.
Material: metal alloy

Solutions: we cannot help you to solve these puzzles. But if you get really, really stuck there are solutions for many of these puzzles to be found online.

Not suitable for children under 8. Keep away from young children and babies. Small parts could be a choking hazard.

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These metal puzzles are tough but not indestructible. Breakages from use and normal wear and tear are not covered by any warranty.