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Huzzle Cast Puzzle ARROWS - Level 3

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Level 3 Normal

Arrows Huzzle Cast Puzzle by Hanayama of Japan. 

Huzzle Cast Arrows***
Difficulty Level 3: Normal
Article n°:  515041
Designed with 4 arrows piercing the heart. Is it a trick that Cupid is  playing?
Remove each arrow by carefully examining the heart.
Designed by Russian designer Andrei Ivanov.

Huzzle Puzzles are disassemble and re-assemble puzzles (disentanglement challenges). All the Huzzle Puzzles are made from cast metal (alloy). None of these puzzles are suitable for children under 8 years. Huzzle Puzzles are ranked according to difficulty, from 1 = easy to 6 = Grand Master (which is seriously challenging!).


Huzzle Puzzles are tough but not unbreakable. Please do not use force to solve any of these puzzles! No warranty is available for puzzles broken during use.