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Guitar Strap Locks x2 - Blue

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These rubber washer style guitar strap locks will help keep your guitar safely attached to your strap. As a guitar strap gets used it can become worn and consequently less securely attached to your guitar. These guitar strap locks work in the same way as Grolsch-style rubber beer bottle washers that are popularly used by guitarists as cheap guitar strap locks, but these are thicker, stiffer and more secure. Simply push the plastic strap locks over your guitar strap pins to hold your strap securely in place.

These locks are (by design) a tight fit. They soften a little when warmed, so if you have trouble putting them on, try warming them in your pocket for a few minutes. Note the black coloured locks are stiffer and so slightly tighter than the other colours.

Contents: Pack of two blue plastic strap locks.
Suitable for most electric and acoustic guitars.
Compatible with most strap types.
Sold in pairs.
Choice of colours.