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Fidget Spinner Finger Hand Toy R188 Steel Centre Bearing Red

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The SkillToyz finger spinner fidget toy with a steel R188 centre bearing. Shell colour: Red.

The SkillToyz spinner is a fingertip gyroscope, also known as a fingertip spiral. It is a popular fidget toy and can help reduce stress and anxiety as well as being a fun gadget to fiddle with. It is constructed from three type 608 ball bearings mounted in tough ABS plastic with a single type R188 (size C) steel bearing in the centre. All four bearings spin, with the 3 counterweight bearings providing weight to increase centripetal force and maintain momentum.

Not suitable for children under 14. Small parts. Choke hazard.


High speed steel centre bearing.
Low friction operation.

Long spin times!
Ergonomic design.
Choice of colours.
No oil or maintenance needed.
Ready Assembled, lubricated and ready to play!

Weight: 48g (approx.)

Diameter: 8cm (approx.)
All 3 outer bearings are size 8x22x7 mm, commonly called 608.
Outer bearings are chrome steel 608 bearings.
Inner bearing is a good quality R188 steel bearing.
All bearings are ready lubricated.
Robust ABS construction.

Why Choose Fidget Spinners?

Not only are SkillToyz finger spinners a lot of fun to just play with, they are very useful if you are a naturally fidgety. Spinners offer an alternative occupation for people who tap their foot, fiddle with pens, or even bite their nails. It has even been claimed that it helps people with adhd improve their concentration. 

Small enough to fit in your pocket these SkillToyz fidget spinners are great to give you something to fidget with whether you are at home, on the road, or sitting in the office! 

Why tap, when you can spin!


Finger spinners are strong but not indestructible! No warranty is provided for spinners broken due to harsh use, or for accidental damage resulting from impact or crushing (such as being dropped, thrown or trodden on).