Fidget Bike Chain Finger Roller 10 Links

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Presenting the SkillToyz extra long bike chain fidget toy, this is 10 bike chain links long in a choice of colours. Another fun gadget to fiddle with! This fidget toy comprises a looped chain of ten interlinked steel bike chain links with soft tactile coloured silicone rings on each join. Each chain link is approximately 13mm long and 8mm wide. This is a well made, robust, tactile, quietly satisfying fidget toy that fits nicely in the pocket. Not suitable for young children.

We also sell shorter 6 and 8 link versions.

10 Link Chain Specifications:
Weight: 34g
Total chain length (circumference): 130mm approx.
Loop Diameter: 50mm approx.

Not suitable for children under 12 years. Risk of children getting fingers stuck in loop. Small parts – potential choke hazard.

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Fidget Chains are strong but not indestructible! No warranty is provided for breakages.

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