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Boomerang Evolution Shuriken Beginners Yellow Painted Right Handed

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The Shuriken boomerang by Boomerang-Evolution of France.  This painted tri-blade boomerang is made from yellow Polypro and has a range of about 11 to 20 metres. It is ideally suited to beginners and works well in calm conditions. Great fun for leisure use. Right handed only. This boomerang is identical to the unpainted polypro shuriken with the added benefit of very eye-catching hand finished paintwork. These are painted by hand and each one will be different (appearance will vary).

The Shuriken was designed by Jerri Leu and Seb Guiheux. The profiles of this fantastic boomerang were worked on, improved and refined for nearly 3 years, and many versions have led to this final version which has a very efficient and accurate flight.

This Shuriken is idea for use by beginners in calm conditions (little wind) and flies really well - as can be seen in the videos! 


Brand: Boomerang Evolution
Material: Polypropylene (plastic) with a hand painted finish
Weight: 32g
Size (at widest point): 253mm
Thickness: 3mm
Distance: 11 to 20 metres
Difficulty: Beginner
Hand: Right
Age: 16+

Made in France.



Breakages in use are NOT covered by any warranty. Boomerangs can break; it does not mean they are faulty! Once it has been thrown, if it breaks - even on the first throw - we are not able to refund you. Boomerangs can cause injury - please use with care.

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