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Begleri Padauk Wood Beads with Brown Camo 275 Paracord

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Skilltoyz Padauk wood begleri, ready assembled with brown camouflage type 275 paracord. We are excited to introduce our new range of premium wooden Begleri. SkillToyz has worked with a wooden toy maker to produce these Begleri beads from choice woods. The wood has been treated with a light varnish to enhance and protect it. Wood is a natural material and so each wooden Begleri bead is unique – the colour, grain, weight and appearance will vary a little and may change over time as the wood ages.  We offer these wooden Begleri ready assembled in a variety of exotic woods with a choice of US made Paracord types and colours.

The light weight makes these Begleri very comfortable to play with (less pain to your knuckles!) but may make these less suited to complete beginners.

Originating in Greece, Begleri are a traditional pocket sized skill toy consisting of two beads of equal weight threaded on to a short string. Begleri are flicked, spun and twirled around the fingers to perform tricks and have become a popular skill toy in recent years. Begleri are an excellent Fidget Toy, played to pass the time or keep the hands busy.

About the Paracord types
You can find a lot of discussion online about the ‘best’ cord for Begleri, and there is no simple answer. Some players prefer thick cord, some prefer thin. Some prefer stiff cord, some prefer more pliable cords. The choice is yours and you may like to experiment with different cord types. For reference if buying replacement string, the smaller hole in the wooden beads has a diameter of approx. 3mm.

Type 325 Paracord is 3.0mm diameter (approx.) and is quite soft and pliable.
Type 275
Paracord is 2.4mm diameter (3/32”) (approx.) and is stiffer in character offering more control.
Type 95 Paracord
is 2.0mm diameter(approx.)  and is soft, more ‘floppy’ and free flowing.   

Bead diameter: 25 mm.
Total assembled weight (2 wooden beads plus cord): 14 – 16g (approx.)
Bead Material: Padauk wood
Finish: clear lacquer.
Cord material: Genuine US made type 275 Paracord.
Supplied cord length: 30cm (approx).
Supplied ready assembled with one paracord.

SkillToyz wooden Begleri are pre-assembled but you will need to adjust the string length to suit the size of your hand and your personal preferences.  For this reason one end of the cord has been left loosely knotted with the cord protruding from the bead so you easily adjust the length. You will need to knot the cord to a length to suit you. Once happy with the length it is recommended that the ends of the Paracord are lightly sealed using a naked flame to reduce fraying and present a neat finish.

String Length
You need to decide what length you wish the cord to be. This is largely a matter of personal preference, but new players are advised to start with a short cord (“short game”). If you Google “Begleri string length” you will find a lot of helpful information on this. As a rough guide, for the short game try having the exposed string about 2 to 3 centimetres longer than the width of you hand. Having decided the string length, you then need to knot the other end of the string. Do not cut the cord yet. Try the Begleri out and see if the length suits you. Once happy, trim the cord to about 4mm from the knots at both ends and use a naked flame (lighter, match) for a few seconds to slightly melt and thus heat seal the end of the cord. Caution: the melted cord will be very hot.

The wooden beads are tough but not indestructible!

Not suitable for children under 12. Small parts. Strangulation risk. Sharp scissors or knife required for assembly. Please play with care!