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5 Arriba! Mixed Colour yo-yo strings

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Arriba! Mixed yo-yo strings. Pack of 5 mixed colour, type and brand yo-yo strings. A random selection of yo-yo strings (different colours, different types) suitable for all yo-yos. An ideal budget purchase for when you don't mind what strings you get. A great way to try different string types. Colours and contents will vary.

Pack may include100% cotton, cotton/poly 'slicks', 100% polyester, type 6, type 8, type 9 etc. Brands in the random selection may include Arriba, Hybridas, Yomega, Yoyojam, Mondo. YoyoFactory etc.

We try to pack 5 different strings (so for example, even if there are two white strings, one might be 100% cotton, one might be polyester).

Pack of 5 mixed yoyo strings


These take time to pack so sales are limited to 2 packs per customer per order.