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100 Angel Hair Nylon yo-yo strings - Red Hot

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Pack of 100 Brazilian Angel Hair yo-yo Strings. 100 Percent Nylon (Polyamide).

Angel Hair strings are 100 per cent Nylon hand made Brazilian yoyo strings. This string is very firm.

Angel Hair is supplied with the loop already tied. Because the knots can become undone quite easily due to the slippery nature of the Angel Hair material, if you cut them to have a shorter string, you must first to do a knot or two and leave some string after the knot (around 0,12 in). Be warned that the nylon string material undoes easily when it is not knotted!

100% Nylon Angel Hair uses 5 nylon threads twisted in pairs of two. Almost like the 10 threads of Mondo. But instead of 10 threads, 5 pairs.

String length is approximately 112cm