Yinhe Table Tennis Adhesive Rubber Protector Sheet

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Extend the life and performance of your your table tennis rubbers with these adhesive Table tennis rubber protectors by Yinhe (aka Galaxy or Milkyway). Sold singly. These semi-rigid plastic sheets have a non permanent self adhesive on one side so they stick to your table tennis rubbers.  These protector sheets are suited to all table tennis rubbers including pips-out versions. Can be cut to size if required. The covers are reusable. It is recommended that you clean the rubbers before attaching these protectors to help maintain the stickiness of the adhesive on the protector sheet. When received, the sticky side of the protector is covered by a thin removable film. Store flat.

Price is for one sheet. You will need to buy two of these to protect both sides of your bat.  

A 20% DISCOUNT is automatically applied to orders of more than one sheet. 

Yinhe product number #7035.

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