Triple Orbiter Executive Desk Toy Fidget Gadget

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The Triple Orbiter is a unique and unusual executive desk toy from Two separately spinning concentric rings are mounted on axles within the outer ring. The central hub also has a ball bearing mount letting it spin independently of the outer rings, like a finger spinner.  It is hard to describe this gizmo - it is one of those gadgets you just have to pick up and try. Made from solid aluminium, this is a beautifully engineered unusual executive fidget toy or desk gadget.  Sold with a hard shell case, pouch, and a spare ball bearing. This intriguing toy (is it art?) is a heavy, expensive and complex piece of precision engineering which may require some maintenance - not suitable for children.

This gadget and makes a most unusual and unique gift.

This item is robust but not unbreakable, especially if dropped. No warranty is offered for breakages. 
Not suitable for children. Small parts. Choke hazard. 
Weight: 140g
Size: 52mm x 18mm (approx)
Material: aluminium
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