Metal Spinner Fidget Cube Rainbow

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Are these metal Fidget Cubes finger spinners? A fascinating fidget/fiddle toy? Or something in-between? These colourful metal cubes have two corners held together by magnets on an axle running through a ball bearing axle system in the centre of the cube. This means the main body of the cube spins on the two corners. Hard to describe, but a lot of fun, this cube is a mesmerizing finger spinner fidget toy that can be taken apart. One part can even be used as a simple spin top! Our Skilltoyz spinner cubes are constructed from solid aluminium alloy, ,aking them satisfyingly weighty in the hand and larger than many at about 3cm square.  Their increased weight and size provides better momentum for longer spin times. Sold in a choice of great colours.


Size: 3cm x 3cm x 3cm (approx)
Weight: 100 grams (approx)
Colour: iridescent rainbow
Sold in a metal tin case

Not suitable for children under 16 years. Small parts – potential choke hazard. 

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These fidget cubes are strong but not indestructible. The surface can get scratched, dented or otherwise marked during use, especially if the item is dropped or kept in contact with other items such as keys or coins. The colour finish may wear out through use. This is normal wear and tear and is not covered by any warranty.

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