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Kururin Table Skittle Skill Toy Padauk Wood

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SkillToyz Table Skittle made from Padauk wood with silicon end pads. We are pleased to introduce our range of premium wooden table skittles made from beautiful padauk wood. The wood has been treated with a light varnish to enhance and protect it. Wood is a natural material and so each wooden table skittle is unique – the colour, grain, weight and appearance will vary a little and may change over time as the wood ages. 

The ends of the SkillToyz Table Skittle have a silicone pad to make them less slippery, and make more tricks possible. The price is for one wooden Skittle. 

The game: similar to Kururin™ the aim is to tumble the skittle end to end across a table or other flat surface, so that the skittle ends back up on one end. Use your hands, blow on the skittle, tap the skittle – anything goes! They require a great deal of precision and coordination to use and are a fun fidget toy to play with on any level surface. Challenge your friends! 


Material: Padauk wood
Finish: clear lacquer.
Ends: silicone pads
Size: 25mm × 91mm
Weight: 34 g (approx.)

Contents: one wooden skittle.

A skill toy that for all ages!

Suitable for ages 4 years and older.

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