Knuckle Bone Finger Roller Toy Stainless Steel

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SkillToyz stainless steel knuckle bone skill toys. These knuckle chucks are designed to be manipulated with your fingers and make a most satisfying fidget toy. These are made from solid stainless steel, with a highly polished finish. Very slightly larger and considerably heavier than our Skilltoyz titanium version. Lovely shiny silver finish - our photos do not do these justice!

Knuckle chucks fit comfortably in the fingers for hours of relaxing fidgeting in a surprisingly satisfying way! If you are wondering what you use these knuckle bones for - search Google for "Knucklebone tricks". There are finger rolls, weaves, rolls and much more. In essence, a knucklebone sits in the hand and can be easily and pleasantly manipulated between the fingers, rather like a pen or pencil but oh so much more satisfying and tactile.
Finish: Polished 
Weight: 79g  
Material: stainless steel
Size: 60mm long x 20mm diameter (approx)
Ages: 16+
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