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Dragon Baby Kendama String and Bead Set WHITE

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Premium quality kendama string and bead set for the Dragon Baby Kendama. Also suitable for other small or tiny kendama makes. The string thickness is the same as the standard Dragon Kendama String. However, this string is shorter than the standard kendama strings and so is not suitable for larger kendama.

String Length: 110cm approx
Pack contains 3 superior quality coloured baby kendama strings plus 3 beads. Bead colour may vary.

Tip: before replacing a string, have a look at how the existing string is fitted!

The string on your kendama will wear out and can break. It is a user replaceable part; we recommend you buy some spare strings.

All Kendama will suffer wear during play. The paint will chip. The wood will chip and may crack. The string will wear out and may break. This is normal wear and tear.

Wood is a natural material. The weight and finish of wooden kendama will vary.

Kendama are not suitable for children under 12 years old. It is possible to cause injury when playing with a kendama. Please play with care.