Boomerang Evolution Sunfly Beginners Boomerang Red Painted

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The Sunfly tri-blade boomerang by Boomerang-Evolution of France is designed with beginners in mind. If there is a boomerang to own just for fun, for warm-up, or to to introduce someone to boomerangs, the Sunfly is a great choice! The large central hole even lets you catch this on a finger! 

The Sunfly is made from durable polypro and has a range of about 15 metres. It is lightweight, easy to throw and catch and is suitable for all ages (but please supervise children!). The clever design of this boomerang means it can be used by both right handed and left handed throwers (simply turn the boomerang over if you are left handed). Watch the video below to see it in flight.

This boomerang is identical to the unpainted Sunfly with the added attraction of brightly coloured paintwork. These are painted by hand and each one will be different (appearance and colour scheme may vary).


Brand: Boomerang Evolution
Colour: Red Painted
Material: Polypropylene (plastic)
Weight: 38g
Size (at widest point): 250mm
Thickness: 3mm
Distance: 11 to 20 meters
Difficulty: Beginner
Hand: Either (Right or left handed)
Age: 12+

Made in France.



Breakages in use are NOT covered by any warranty. Boomerangs can break; it does not mean they are faulty! Once it has been thrown, if it breaks - even on the first throw - we are not able to refund you. Boomerangs can cause injury - please use with care.

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