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Begleri 5 Inch Zebra Edition

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Begleri “Zebra” edition, size 5 inch. Hand made in the UK for SkillToyz. These are fun little fidget toys and the nature of the cord construction means these are very quiet during play.

We sell these begleri in two sizes: 5 inch and 6 inch. The size refers to the length of the cord between the round knots. The 5 inch version is best suited to beginners, players with smaller hands and players who want to play the ‘short game’. The 6" version is a good length for the ‘long game’ plus it allows you to add a knot to the cord to shorten and adjust the length if required. The 6 inch version is better suited to more experienced players, players with larger hands and players who want to play the long game.

The ends of the cord are heat sealed. These are individually hand made to high standards in the UK.

Specifications – 5 inch Paracord begleri:

Material: Type 550 cord 7 strand 550 lb
Total weight 20g approx.
Length between knots: 5 inches (13 cm) (approx.)
Total length: 7 inches (17cm) (approx.)
Bead diameter: 25 mm (approx.)
Hand made in the UK.