YoyoJam Yo-Yos

YoyoJam Yoyos have built a reputation for innovation and for making superb yoyos and yoyo accessories! High quality yo-yos, at reasonable prices, as used by the Pros including Hiroyuki Suzuki, TEAM YoYoJam winner of the Worlds 2005 Single A Division with the Speeder! Quality made in the USA.

A note on the YoyoJam yo-yo colours: When a colour sells out, we cannot say when or if we will be able to get more. This is because YoyoJam manufactures and sells each yo-yo model in batches (or 'runs') of a single colour. These yoyos are then sold to stores. Then they make a new colour and so on. A particular colour might only be made once. We do not know what colours YoyoJam will be making in the future. So if you like a particular colour, get it while it is in stock!

Sadly Yoyojam ceased trading in 2015. Their yoyos are increasingly rare. Very limited stocks remaining.