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Yinhe Table Tennis Bat and Case Racket Model 05B with Blue Case

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This Yinhe ready made shakehands grip table tennis racket has a good quality blade and is fitted with ITTF approved Yinhe rubbers. It is sold complete with a padded case with side pocket. It is better suited to players with a some experience.



  • Bat pre-assembled by the manufacturer.
  • Yinhe 5 ply wooden blade.
  • Yinhe 9000 rubbers ITTF approved.
  • Yinhe full sized bat case with side pocket.
  • The handle is shaped to provide comfortable control.
  • Weight: 168g approx.
  • Handle length: 10cm to from base to rubber.
  • Playing surface size: 150mm x157mm approx.
  • A great quality bat at a competitive price.

The Blade
The Yinhe blade used in this bat is good quality and made from 5 ply layered wood. The 05B blade uses one thick ply in the middle of 4 thinner plies, giving the bat a harder attack The profile of the handle is designed to fit comfortably in the hand. Like most table tennis rackets sold in the UK, this has a long handle designed for shakehands grip (which is the most commonly used grip).

The Rubbers
The rubbers used in this Yinhe 01B bat are their 9000 rubbers. These are ITTF approved, pimples (pips) in, two sides loopon sponge. The 9000 rubbers are good for quick attack and control. For user reviews we refer you to the tabletennisdb web site ratings. The rubber top sheet is tacky.  The specification of 9000 rubber is given as speed 8,  spin 7. The rubbers are the same on both sides, only the colour is different. This is recommended for most players.

About Yinhe Table Tennis Products
Yinhe (also known as Milky Way and even more confusingly sometimes also referred to as Galaxy) table tennis products are known for their low prices and high quality. Yinhe are a professional table tennis equipment manufacturer from China who are very popular in the Asian market. They are not yet that well known in Europe but we think this will change as their products become better known here.

Product Advice

Table tennis bat rubbers have a ‘shelf life’ of about 18 months. Beware of buying bats where the rubber may be so old that it has deteriorated: this can be the case with paddles kept on display in sports stores or when making a second hand purchase. As the rubber deteriorates it loses grip (tackiness) – grip is essential to put spin on the ball, which is crucial to playing modern table tennis. All our table tennis products are freshly imported from the manufacturer and you can be confident that the rubbers are brand new.

To help preserve your bat condition we recommend you keep your bat in the bag and store it out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat.

Do not touch the rubber surface because you will transfer sweat and oil from your fingers.

To help maintain performance, occasionally gently clean with water or use a specialist bat cleaning fluid.

Yinhe rubbers are glued onto the blade and can peel off at the edges if the bat catches the table, particularly if the bat edge is pushed along the surface of the table. Be careful during play!

Like all table tennis rubbers, the rubber condition will slowly deteriorate over time and will lose tackiness. The more you play the quicker your bat rubber will wear out!

Any new bat will take a little getting used to at first.

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