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Moon Drop Desk Toy Gold

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The SkillToyz Moon Drop is an intriguing gadget that uses magnetic forces to slow the descent of the outer metal collar down the central metal pillar.  The principle behind this is Lenz's Law of induced currents, which is worth a Google if you want to know more about the science behind this gadget! Inside the hollow central tube (pillar) is a set of strong magnets that slow the movement of the non-magnetic outer ring. This item can be taken apart - the end caps on the central tube unscrew. To see the difference the magnets make, you can remove the central magnets inside the tube. If removed, the magnets in the central tube MUST be replaced in the same way for the item to work as intended.  Be warned the magnets are liable to leap out of the tube if you undo the end caps! Be warned this Moon Drop contains small, easily lost and potentially hazardous magnetic parts. Comes with a circular base as shown in the photos. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN.

Tip: The magnets are inserted NS-SN-NS-SN (ie each magnet is opposing the next)

Posted by Royal Mail First Class UK Post from Hampshire, England.

This item is strong but not indestructible!

Colour: Silver with gold coloured collar
Material: Alloy
Weight: 40g approx.
Size: 72 mm high with base (approx).

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In stock in the UK, and shipped from the UK by SkillToyz, a UK VAT registered business. Skilltoyz products are ONLY sold on eBay by eBay seller NewHeartTrading, based in Hampshire, England. 

Moon Drops are quite robust but not indestructible! No warranty is provided for breakages or loss of parts.  

Not recommended for children under 16 years. Small parts – potential choke hazard. CAUTION: STRONG MAGNETS. Do not eat. Dangerous to pets and children.

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